Alejandro Duque

News!  We are pleased to tell you that Alejandro recently won the first place in the guitar competition Guitar Prize 2014 Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University.  

"I guarantee the highest and professional music lessons specialized on either Classical Guitar, AMEB Preparation Courses, Electric / Acoustic Guitar Courses, Music Theory or Aural/Ear training. My lessons are structured and designed for all students of all ages, kids and adults at all levels, from scratch to advanced, whatever the style of guitar music that they would like to learn or improve". Alejandro Duque.  

Alejandro is a professional musician specialised in Classical Guitar. With more than 15 years of academic studies in various Conservatoriums of Music in South America and Australia, He also has 13 years music tutoring experience plus 16 years of working and rocking with Rock, Punk Rock and Metal bands. Alejandro’s experience teaching in Australia goes back to 2008 in the North Shore area of Sydney where he privately taught students of all ages classical, electric and acoustic guitar as well as music theory.

Alejandro Duque Music Experience and Studies

Alejandro started his musical journey at an early stage. When he was 6, he started playing some traditional South American Instruments like the Marimba de Chonta, Acoustic Nylon Strings Guitar, and Cithara as well as some South American percussive instruments. When he was about 13 he started to play drums and electric guitar.  Then he formally studied music, specialized in classical guitar in various conservatoriums of music such as University of Antioquia, Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes and currently at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

As a professional musician and experienced music teacher, Alejandro keeps his roots alive by interpreting and teaching a variety of classical and contemporary music on both classical and electric guitar. Alejandro’s classical guitar repertoire includes a range of South American and European music as well as contemporary music by Australian and Asian composers.

Parallel to his career as a classical musician, teaching and playing in important music academies at his natal country, Alejandro sustained a career for more than 15 years as a rock, metal, and punk guitarist.

Alejandro Duque became an Australian permanent resident in 2008 and an Australian Citizen in 2014. He lived in Sydney until 2013 where he taught students of all ages and levels. He also continued his own musical education in Australia with Raffaele Agostino, teacher of Classical Guitar at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and artistic director of The Classical Guitar Society Sydney.

Currently Alejandro is expanding his musicianship at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, under Julian Bizantine, head of the classical guitar department at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University.

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